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About Us 

Our Sports Massage service is run by 2 highly specialised Sports Therapists with many years of experience in injury, massage therapy and personal training allowing them to take a good history, highlight your issue and work with you to find the right solution to help you get out of pain or achieve your goals. 

Sports Massage

Sports massage often gets a bad rep for being a painful massage, and sometimes that is what the muscles and tissue needs. However there are a number of different massage techniques and the great thing about working with such specialised and experienced Sports Therapists is they will work with you to work out what the best technique or combination of techniques is right for you at the point of your training or injury. 

The Team 

James Clark 

James qualified in soft tissue massage in 2016 and since then has been able to supplement his extensive personal training career to offer the full package. Being a keen sportsman himself, he knows the importance of staying pain free on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, James suffered a serious knee injury which left him unable to play sports from a young age, spending lots of time on the treatment table. That wasn’t going to beat him though and rather than dwelling on the injury, he took the positives and decided he should use all the knowledge he had learnt about his own injuries and start helping others recover from theirs.

He now focusses on both the strength and fitness of clients through their rehabilitation and beyond as they look to maintain healthy lifestyles, supplementing this with soft tissue work to help them stay pain free. At the same time he is a firm believer that soft tissue therapy is not just for those sportsmen and women out there but for everyone going through everyday life, where he also aims to keep people pain free and mobile. 

In his spare time, you will find him mainly on the cricket pitch in the summer. Otherwise it’s in the gym or following his beloved Man United. 

Jo Butler

Jo completed a Btech Sports Science Diploma in 2006 and has worked in the fitness industry ever since, developing years of experience in training, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation and soft tissue therapy. This has been supplemented by further qualifications which have included YMCA Level 3 in Personal Training and a LSSM BTEC Level 5 in Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy.

Jo has been treating clients in the realm of soft tissue therapy for the past two years, and feels it remains one of the most underrated forms of treatments which everyone can benefit from whether you are working in an office or an elite level athlete, and everyone in between. She has also worked with clients post surgery; arthroscopic and total or partial hip and knee replacements, and minor back surgeries assessing and planning their rehabilitation, combining the massage with exercise to achieve the most effective results. Jo is also qualified in kinesio-taping.

Jo is passionate about leading a fit and healthy lifestyle to keep both a healthy body and a healthy mind. Outside of working with her clients to achieve their goals, Jo will be strength training herself, or baking cakes. 

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Chelmsford Physio was founded by Jonathan McComish in 2008 at Anglia Ruskin University. The clinic has rapidly grown since and now boasts two busy clinics in convenient locations across Chelmsford, with a highly specialised team.