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“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it” (Molière).

It is of course a difficult time at the moment because we have got nothing concrete in front of us, things change very quickly and weekly we are having to look at it and say ‘how do we do this differently. For us that is how we serve you differently. How can we provide you with the same high level of care for you injuries and pain, whether that be pain from sitting too much at a computer or a sports injury. 

For you it might be ‘how to I set up my desk for home working’ or ’how do I train? What does it look like?’. There needs to be a balance everywhere in our life at the moment, between not spending too much time at the desk but also not over doing it on the exercise. For our sporty individuals whether recreational or elite it is a balance between ensuring that we don’t decondition but also without knowing when competition or races are going to be the last thing we want to do is push and push and kill enjoyment and motivation. Especially when motivation at the moment for everyone is more about how they are, how their family are, relatives, the outside world. These are tough times which transcends many things which we are so accustomed to, and just being there for someone whether it’s emotionally or physically is all the motivation.

But when the competitions or races do come, when we get the all clear to go back to our lives, things will come think and fast, and we need to be ready, and that’s why we wanted you to know we are here for you. 

In the sporting world, everyone has switched to either an off-season or pre-season mode, and we all can do that in life as well. So what does that mean. It means this is the time to get yourself physically and mentally prepared for what lies ahead, and if you have any injuries or niggles, this is the time to get them sorted. Never have we before had such an abundance of time to dedicate to our rehabilitation. 

And the beauty of Physiotherapy and Sport Therapy is that 90-100% of what we do can be done online, over a video call. Physio often has an identity crisis whereby people perceive it and think that it has to be all hands on, when the truth is very far from that. Hands-on treatment only ever offers a short term pain relief and main pillar is planning and execution of the rehabilitation to get you moving, get stronger and improve your capacity to be able to tolerate what you want to be able to do, whether that be sitting at your desk for longer without pain, pick your kids up or trot out on to the rugby pitch. 

What an online consultation can offer: 

  1. Full history taking of your pain or injury 
  2. Full assessment, range of movement, strength / capacity tests and special tests that we use to come to a diagnosis can be performed by you over video, guided by us in the same way we would in clinic 
  3. Diagnosis 
  4. Advice on how to overcome pain and improve on injury 
  5. We will teach you how to self treat / self mobilise / self massage 
  6. Full progressive and staged recovery and rehabilitation plan based on your goals including exercise videos, weekly catch up and progression of exercises

So in my best political voice Stay at home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives….and if you are in pain or have an injury call Chelmsford Physio. 

Our Physiotherapists, Sports Therapist and Sports Massage Practitioners are all on hand to hold online video consultations to assess, guide you through self treatment techniques and plan your rehab journey back to pain free full fitness. To book in you can call us on 01245 895410 or email

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Chelmsford Physio was founded by Jonathan McComish in 2008 at Anglia Ruskin University. The clinic has rapidly grown since and now boasts two busy clinics in convenient locations across Chelmsford, with a highly specialised team.