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Tel: 01245 895410
07966 231878
Email: info@chelmsfordphysio.co.uk

Our Fees

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Initial Consultation £45 (45 minutes)
Running MOT £45 (45 minutes)
Follow-on treatment £40 (30 minutes)
Home visit £80 (can vary depending on time required and distance to travel)

Initial Assessment

The initial assessment lasts for approximately 45 minutes. The first session will always involve some treatment time. The assessment will involve finding out about your main complaint e.g. when and how it started and what makes it worse/better. We will also ask questions about your general health and lifestyle. The physiotherapist will then go on to assess the area that is painful. This may involve undressing an area, so as we can fully assess this area. We advise if it is a leg or lower back problem you wear shorts and lose fitting clothes. For female clients, if it is your arm or neck we advise you wear a vest top. It is important your physio can see the area that is painful and the surrounding structures to carry out a comprehensive assessment.

Treatment Session

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Rehabilitation Pilates
Soft tissue mobilisation
Joint manipulation and mobilisation
Ergonomic analysis and advice
Kinesiology Taping
Sports Massage
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About Us
Chelmsford, England.

TIMEZONE: GMT — Greenwich Mean Time